Bukid Life At Bukid Amara

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Bukid Amara has a natural alluring prowess. Taking pride in redefining farm recreation, the farm grows unusual yet gorgeous varieties of annual flowers both in hanging baskets and garden beds. From sunflowers to blue sage, to cosmos and colorful celosia blooms dotting the landscape, the garden is a paradise to behold.

bukid amara lucban quezon the killer bride location


bukid amara lucban quezon the killer bride location

Striking View

With the mystical and captivating Mt. Banahaw as the backdrop, Bukid Amara has attracted a lot of nature lovers who just want to relax, chill, or take selfies. The mini-pond, I think, has also splashed charm to the place, making it a magnet of environmental enthusiasts. Not only that the farm promotes a sustainable way of farming, but Bukid Amara is also without a doubt, a place where romantically in love and even broken-hearted people go. This place is a great escape for someone who wants to get away from life’s bustles or forget about having a bad hair day.


bukid amara lucban quezon the killer bride location

bukid amara lucban quezon the killer bride location

Bukid Amara Cafe

Bukid Amara Cafe serves Filipino food like Binalot and refreshments to shake off the heat.

bukid amara cafe lucban quezon the killer bride location

Countryside Ambience

Set in the heart of Lucban, Quezon, the atmosphere of this flower meadow and greenery is a few degrees off (almost like a “bed” weather) even when the sun is up.

bukid amara lucban quezon the killer bride location

How To Get There

From Metro Manila (from LRT Taft-Buendia or Pasay or Cubao) take a bus to Lucban. Get off at Lucban public market and take a tricycle from there to the farm.

An alternate way is by bus going to Lucena Grand terminal. From the terminal, take a jeepney going to Sta.Cruz, Laguna via Lucban-Luisiana Rd. and get off at Bukid Amara. You can also take the jeepney going to Lucban from the grand terminal and hop off at the PTT gas station, then take a tricycle to Bukid Amara.

Fees and Operating Hours

The entrance fee for adults is 100Php. They give 20% off for kids, PWD, and senior citizens. They are open for a day tour from 7 AM – 6 PM.

For inquiries and reservations, they can be reached on 0998 731 2339 / 0939 910 8892 and through their Facebook page.






Bohol to Manila Road Trip

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A couple of years ago, Pierre and I went to Manila on a bus. Since then, he wouldn’t want to go on a trip by plane. It is both an advantage and a disadvantage for me for some reasons.


It was on a peak season when we took the trip and we didn’t purchase tickets ahead of time. So plane and ferry fares were ridiculous. Though the Megabus fare had gone up to Php2,600, I still find it cheaper than plane tickets booked just a few days before departure. The amount is inclusive of fares for Ubay-Bato and Allen-Matnog ROROs. Also, children below 11 years old are free so I just paid around Php300 for Pierre’s RORO tickets.

Magnificent Sceneries

Well, I really can’t describe the sceneries in words. I should say, they got me tongue-tied. Even those pictures I took while rolling are far from reality.

mt bulusan sorsogon bohol bloggers bohol writer filipina writer bohol to manila bus

Our view onboard a ferry from Allen, Samar to Matnog, Sorsogon


mt bulusan sorsogon bohol bloggers bohol writer bohol to manila bus

The gigantic Mt. Bulusan in Sorsogon

bohol to manila bus mt mayon bohol bloggers bohol writer

Mayon was shy again but behind those clouds is a fascinating beauty


Province Hopping

We had quick stops in every province for our meals so technically, we have been to 8 provinces in one trip.

baloy's kabayan meal stop sorsogon bohol to manila bus bohol bloggers bohol writer

At Baloy’s Kabayan Meal Stop in Sorsogon, Sorsogon


Social Encounters

Being with the same people for 36 to 40 hours on a bus with no reliable internet connection and even with dead phones, it was impossible for us not to talk to other passengers. We exchanged smiles and stories. We shared food and rants as well. In fact, the trip was enough for us to develop slight separation anxiety when we arrived at our stop.


bohol to manila bus bohol bloggers bohol writer

Pierre and his newfound friend


Onboard an airconditioned bus is comfy but it’s the long ride that makes it uncomfortable. Plus, most buses don’t have a chemical toilet so we had to hold our pee until the next stop. And most comfort rooms at stop-over points are not really “comfortable”.

Also, since we were not included in the passenger manifest (but this is a different story) we were just seated on the bus aisle.

bohol to manila bus megabus bohol bloggers bohol writer

This is not a piece of luggage. This is Pierre trying to get some sleep

Some things you need to know before hopping on:

  1. Meals and terminal fees are not included in your fare ticket.
  2. Goods in stop-over shops are really expensive. One serving of steak or adobo would cost Php100. Even hot water is priced at Php10 at some shops. So it’s either you bring your own food or bring a lot of cash. Or just skip your meals.
  3. Don’t forget your travel pillows for a comfortable sleep.


6 Reasons To Visit Batangas

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While I used to live in the metropolitan for more than 10 years, I’ve only been to Batangas province for less than 10 times and most of the time, those were just for overnight stays at a beach or resort. I know, of course, that Batangas is one of the escape destinations when you are living in Metro Manila but I didn’t know that this province has a lot to offer than just beaches.


Since I’m a coffee addict, this province had me at hello. Batangas is known for its Kapeng Barako, which belongs to the species of Coffee Liberica. And since kilo of it is only around Php200, I was thinking of moving here (wink. wink).

kapeng barako batangas

Wizardy Cup Cafe

Most coffee shops in Batangas serve coffee at an affordable price. But the Wizardy Cup Cafe in Lipa City has really caught my attention. Inspired by the magical world of Harry Potter, Wizardy Cup Cafe brews for Wizards and Witches. Luckily, they also welcome muggles there so I  got a chance to get on that magical broom for a Quidditch match for my favorite house – Gryffindor.


wizardy cup cafe batangas

Where’s that flying ball?

Heritage Town of Taal

As part of the commercial zone in the country, I never expected that Batangas would take me back to the Spanish Era. From its municipal building to its school to its church and whatnot, the Heritage Town of Taal captivated me.

heritage town of taal

Fantasy World Batangas

Growing up, I believed in fairy tales until I woke up in the real world. The Fantasy World in Batangas took me back to my childhood. Now, I believe in fantasy again and that castles don’t only exist in first-world countries. Entrance fee to Fantasy World is Php1,000 for up to of 10 persons.

fantasy world batangas

fantasy world batangas


Taal Lake

There’s something in Taal Lake that draws me. It could be because of its enchanting feel or could it be because of the sky that almost touched the waters, giving me an unusual chill? I don’t know.

taal lake batangas

Seriously, this was taken at midday.

Taal Basilica

The Taal Basilica is known to be the largest Catholic Church in Asia. Although it was damaged by a 5.5 earthquake on April 4, 2017, Taal Basilica still stands strong.









Pasko sa Bluewater 2018

Christmas air is already felt at the Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort. It’s the time of year for a lavish dining experience. It’s the time of year for the resort’s Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony and Benefit Dinner. It’s the time of year for Pasko sa Bluewater. 
Pasko sa Bluewater bohol hotel panglao hotel
And it was only a month before Christmas. The Christmas tree and parols were lit. 
pasko sa bluewater bluewater panglao resort bohol resorts
Afterward, guests were welcomed at the resort’s Aplaya restaurant for the Benefit Dinner. Guests were also serenaded by Boholano artist Joseph Gara and ABS-CBN’s Tawag ng Tanghalan semi-finalist Nabela Gudito.
The Holy Name University Chorale filled the air with Christmas songs and Christmas carols with their heavenly voices.
hnu chorale pasko sa bluewater bohol resort bohol hotels

HNU Chorale filling the air with Christmas carols

Lumad Panglaoanon dance troupe has also wowed diners with their dance numbers.
And of course, the Pasko sa Bluewater event won’t be complete without its 12 Days of Christmas beneficiaries. Introduced by Bluewater Panglao Resort’s Manager Rowena Eser Jose, among the beneficiaries were Bohol Crisis Intervention Center, Sunshine Home Foundation, Children’s Joy Foundation, The Shepherd’s Arms Foundation of the Philippines Inc. Part of the dinner proceeds will be for the benefit of children of Danao.

Resort Manager Rowena Eser Jose introducing beneficiaries of the 12 Days of Christmas

With its yearly Pasko sa Bluewater event, Bluewater Resort Panglao has indeed put forth the feel of Filipino Christmas.



Bohol To Dumaguete via Oslob By Bus

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Bohol to Dumaguete by bus tagbilaran city bohol

Going on a trip by bus may be time consuming for some, but for me and my favorite travel buddy Pierre, the journey itself is an adventure and even a destination. We frequently travel from Tagbilaran City Bohol to Calape which is only 42 kilometers away. So to spice a boring trip up, we sometimes take the Talibon (92.8 kilometers from Tagbilaran) route and from Talibon to Tubigon (57.4 kilometers) and finally from Tubigon to Calape (18.9 kilometers). That was the farthest we have gone since December 2016.

Earlier, while we were at the Dao Integrated Bus Terminal on our way to Calape, Pierre saw a yellow bus with signage Dumaguete Cebu via Oslob and we got curious. It was not a convenient (and economical) time for us to travel so we just got some information so to prepare for our next adventure together.


There are two bus trips from Bohol to Dumaguete via Oslob DAILY. One leaves Dao Terminal at 7:30 AM and another one at 1:30 PM.

Travel Time

Travel time is approximately 9 hours. If you love spending time adoring the green scenery like us, then you will really appreciate this. (I will update the travel time info once I experience the trip myself 🙂


The bus fare is PHP350 or about USD6.50 per person. You also have to pay PHP180 or or around USD3.30 for the Roll On Roll Off ships.


The Bohol to Dumaguete via Oslob bus takes the route to Tubigon. Then from there, a RORO will take it to Cebu City. From Cebu, it drives South to Oslob, a town of Whale Sharks.

Ticket Outlets

Just like other trips around Bohol, ticket reservation is not necessary. You can go directly to the terminal, hop on the bus, and the bus conductor will take care of the rest.

After our Bohol To Manila by land  trip, we haven’t gone outside this captivating island on a bus.  But with this bus trip, there would be more road trips for me and my buddy. Who’s joining?