Pasko sa Bluewater 2018

Christmas air is already felt at the Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort. It's the time of year for a lavish dining experience. It's the time of year for the resort's Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony and Benefit Dinner. It's the time of year for Pasko sa Bluewater.    And it was only a month before Christmas. The Christmas… Continue reading Pasko sa Bluewater 2018

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Pasko Sa Bluewater Panglao

'Twas thirty days before Christmas.  Led by the renowned Lechon Diva, Ms. Dedet dela Fuente / Pepita's Kitchen, banquet tables at Bluewater Panglao were set with festive food from tempting squidballs to kare-kare to hiplog to the award-winning Truffle Rice Lechon (because no banquet is ever complete without lechon). Guests gathered around with smiles plastered on their… Continue reading Pasko Sa Bluewater Panglao

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The Momo Beach House Magic Was Cast On Me

My friends and I from the Bohol Bloggers Collective spent  a night together at Momo Beach House, a boutique resort in Bil-isan, Panglao Island.  Adorned with coconut trees and tropical ornaments, Momo Beach House is a gateway to paradisiac bliss and natural wonders. Accommodation We stayed in the spacious airconditioned Orange room furnished with flat screen TV and hot… Continue reading The Momo Beach House Magic Was Cast On Me

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Belian Hotel – A Beautiful Haven

Belian Hotel is just a quick walk away from the port of Tagbilaran, a few minutes drive from the airport and a stone-throw away from the center of the city, making it accessible and convenient for guests. With paintings of flowers and birds hanging on walls, the hotel looks classy and stylish. But being used… Continue reading Belian Hotel – A Beautiful Haven