Amazing Facts about Jardin Necitas: Bohol’s Glowing Garden (And What to Expect on Its Opening)

Flowers and promises. I’m daydreaming of a proposal right now.
Congratulations, Jardin Necitas!

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The Long Wait is Over…Let the Fun Begin!!!

After months of preparation, Bohol’s newest tourist attraction will finally open its doors or should I say gates, to local and foreign tourists!

Yes! Bohol’s Glowing Garden- Jardin Necitas will have it’s Grand Opening and Lighting of of 20,000 flowers today, September 27, 2017.FB_IMG_1506403084871

After becoming viral on social media, Pilar Bohol’s pride, Jardin Necitas’ opening is one of the much-awaited event in this part of the Visayas not only because it is the first time that Bohol will have its own LED light flower garden but because of people’s curiosity about Pilar and the garden. FB_IMG_1506401982759

About that, let me give you some amazing facts about Boholf’s glowing garden:

1. Located at Purok 5, Bagumbayan in Pilar, Bohol. Jardin Necitas is in the hilly part of the 24 hectare “Hacienda Federico”.

2. It has a total of 5,000  roses and 15,000 tulips…

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Let Me Hold Your hand Through Life My Son (Autism and other things too) by Zanele Dlamini 

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A mother’s promise to her autistic boy on his eighteenth birthday..

If I could turn back time, my baby boy, I would rub out Autism from your life.I would be flying around doing superhero things that would give you a better start in life. Give you all the tools to survive this world on your own.Now that you are an adult. There is so much that I wish you knew. So much I wish I could tell you about people and relationships. There is so much you need to know about love (girls too), pain, abandonment and loneliness. If only you could understand.

My son, I want you know that I cried today when you were diagnosed with yet another mental health problem. It is like you are in a fighting ring and the punches keep coming from all sides. I had to allow doctors to inject you for the…

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