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Bohol To Dumaguete via Oslob By Bus

Bohol to Dumaguete by bus tagbilaran city bohol

Going on a trip by bus may be time consuming for some, but for me and my favorite travel buddy Pierre, the journey itself is an adventure and even a destination. We frequently travel from Tagbilaran City Bohol to Calape which is only 42 kilometers away. So to spice a boring trip up, we sometimes take the Talibon (92.8 kilometers from Tagbilaran) route and from Talibon to Tubigon (57.4 kilometers) and finally from Tubigon to Calape (18.9 kilometers). That was the farthest we have gone since December 2016.

Earlier, while we were at the Dao Integrated Bus Terminal on our way to Calape, Pierre saw a yellow bus with signage Dumaguete Cebu via Oslob and we got curious. It was not a convenient (and economical) time for us to travel so we just got some information so to prepare for our next adventure together.


There are two bus trips from Bohol to Dumaguete via Oslob DAILY. One leaves Dao Terminal at 7:30 AM and another one at 1:30 PM.

Travel Time

Travel time is approximately 9 hours. If you love spending time adoring the green scenery like us, then you will really appreciate this. (I will update the travel time info once I experience the trip myself 🙂


The bus fare is PHP350 or about USD6.50 per person. You also have to pay PHP180 or or around USD3.30 for the Roll On Roll Off ships.


The Bohol to Dumaguete via Oslob bus takes the route to Tubigon. Then from there, a RORO will take it to Cebu City. From Cebu, it drives South to Oslob, a town of Whale Sharks.

Ticket Outlets

Just like other trips around Bohol, ticket reservation is not necessary. You can go directly to the terminal, hop on the bus, and the bus conductor will take care of the rest.

After our Bohol To Manila by land  trip, we haven’t gone outside this captivating island on a bus.  But with this bus trip, there would be more road trips for me and my buddy. Who’s joining?





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