6 Reasons Why Anda Is Unforgettable

Paints and Quills

Anda Bohol paints and quills Bohol blogger bo


If you think Anda is just a long stretch of white sandy beach, perfect for relaxation, romance, or finding inner peace, you’re absolutely wrong. This piece of heavenly-made paradise is so much more than that – more than you can imagine. In doubt? Read on.


Dining at Quinale Beach Bar, you are not only guaranteed of festive food served by the bay. Quinale Beach Bar also hosts local acoustic bands to fill your evenings with music. From rythmn and blues to retro, to the latest top hits, an ordinary breezy night  at this well-maintained public beach becomes extraordinarily romantic.


Like most Boholanos, people from Anda are welcoming. A simple gesture of hanging a ribbon around a visitor’s neck proves their hospitality. Their smiles give warmth and engaging in conversations with them will make you feel at home, like you’ve known each other for a long time.

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