Cebu Trivia Night x Becoming a Sun Life Financial Advisor

It was a fun-filled evening and everyone was enjoying the night. A night full of fun and information just openly shared with everyone.


Last Saturday, together with a few bloggers, we were able to learn how Sun Life became one of the longest insurance companies that have been standing for century already and helping many people make their lives better. The night started with a sumptuous dinner before the forum had begun. Right everyone was able to fill their tummy; the forum had a quick yet fun Cebu Trivia Night which everyone really had enjoyed.


If you are a fan of answering trivia, then make sure to check Cebu Trivia Night’s Facebook so you can check where you can visit them. They are mostly at Alejandro’s and Politics Café. For the record, they are available in the following days:

Wednesdays – Alejandro’s Crispy Pata

Thursdays – Politics Cafe

Game starts at 9pm

To be updated, make sure to follow them on FB at Cebu Trivia Night.

The Forum

Right after the Trivia Night, the event then hopped in to its highlight of the night – becoming a Sun Life Financial Advisor.

One of the speakers of the night was Miss Marga Bernardo, a regional sales manager, discussed with the crowd a short detail of how Sun Life started back then and at the same time, shared with us the benefits of becoming part of Sun Life.

In terms of financial rankings, among the Insurance brands in the country, Sun Life is the only life insurance that belongs to the top 100. And based on the standard and poor ratings, Sun Life ranks AA which means very strong. And for its financial strength based on A.M. Best, Sun Life ranks A+ which means superior and this signifies that the brand is indeed financially stable as a whole.

The Advocacy

Sun Life Business is all about helping people. The sound of advice is to understand the financial needs of individuals. Their main advocacy is to spread financial literacy everyone deserves.

At Sun Life, they don’t just help you manage your financial goal but they also take care of their clients.

Sun Life provides different financial solutions that each of client’s needs. They are into customized solutions provider and the following are what they offer:

  1. Risk Protection – This one is about income protection. This protects your family. An example is what when a breadwinner dies, the expenses don’t. It even increases. So to protect your family from sudden death of the breadwinner, the risk protection plays a big role to the family.

  1. Critical Illnesses Protection – Protecting our family from sudden financial expenses. Critical illnesses are like the thieves of the night. We never know when we will they be attacking but the least we can do is to help our family from expenses that they could possibly face when you happen to find yourself in one of those considered critical illnesses like cancer and such.

  1. Education Funding – Prepare for your kids’ future. Every year, tuition fee increases and years from now, the amount you knew that it would cost you to send a child for school could double

  1. Wealth Management – Investment planning. As early as you invest, the larger the return you get when you retire in the future.

Saving Vs Investment

Saving is technically about money while investment is about growing your money.

Most bank interest rates range from 3.5% to 5% while the inflation rate in the country is now 5.2%. And if you’ll consider saving instead of investment, you sure are actually losing money due to negative compounding instead of really growing your money. Unlike saving, investment provides you the financial freedom you need and it also prepares you for tomorrow. There is where insurance like Sun Life helps you make that happen.

Be a Sun Life Financial Advisor

When you become the brand’s Financial Advisor, you will enjoy the following perks:

  • Flexibility – you control your own time this means you can spend more time with your family, friends, and even to your hobbies.

  • Sky is the limit – Earn as much as you can.

  • Huge Market Potential – the insurance penetration nationwide is 2%, only a few are aware of life insurance and those that are aware, some of them didn’t take action.

  • The Sun Life Advocacy – You work for a noble cost in helping people in managing their money.

  • A place to work – Sun Life provides you offices that you can work on. In Cebu, there are offices in Ayala, Escario, Talisay, and Mandaue.

  • Sales Tools – these are laptops and projectors, marketing collaterals, presentations, flyers and brochures, and advertiser’s portal and proposal system.

  • Support – Training professional development, facilitation of government and regulatory licenses, and advertising and promotion.

How to Earn?

All Financial Advisors get to earn from commissions – through new businesses and renewals.

If employees get 2-3 bonuses annually, at Sun Life, you get bonuses monthly (Plan B Bonus – these are all expense paid trip both local and intentional, gift certificates, car raffles, and more!) Invitation to attend the annual awards and power dress in Manila is also offered for top advisors.

In Sun Life, you don’t just be earning commission and just plain earning but you will also experience fun. Rewards are provided too such as car, HMO, insurance and even loan programs. These are all offered if you become a Financial Advisor.

There’s more, at Sun Life, career growth is guaranteed too. From being Financial Advisor, you can get promoted to Manager Candidate then become a Unit Manager, Sales Manager, until you become an Anew Business Manager.

One of the successful financial advisors turned as Million Dollar Round Table member Mr. Don Ursal, a Cebuano who started his career as a BPO Agent back then, is one of the speakers of the night and he shared with us how Sun Life had changed his life and how the brand helped him touch other people’s lives for the better. And if you want to become just like Mr. Don Ursal, then be a Sun Life Advisor. Go to the nearest Sun Life office near you or visit www.sunlife.com.ph.


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