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Taking The Plunge At The Danao Adventure Park

The Plunge

Of all the attractions that Danao Adventure Park in Danao, Bohol has to offer, the 75-meter free fall The Plunge is my favorite.

danao adventure park danao the plunge sea of clouds bohol bloggers collective

Scared and with knees turning jelly, I braved to the edge of the hanging launch deck. Then Kuya, the plunger man, buckled me up while giving me instructions for safety. His smile, coupled with his reassuring nod had calmed me down for a moment. But realising how high the 200-meter-above-the-canyon-floor was, I wanted to step back.

What if the harness gives up? What if the rope breaks? What if I’d fall straight to the rocks? How could I get back up from down there (if I’d survived from the fall)?

All of those questions and a lot of ‘I can do this’ and prayers and swears were bickering in my head until Kuya finally let go of the rope that was holding my dear life.

And then I went blank. I couldn’t remember what Kuya told me during the briefing. I couldn’t even remember if I breathed while I was dropped onto the gorge of scenery and uncertainty. I wished there was a STOP button I could press so Kuya would pull me back up.

It was the most frightening four seconds of my life. And probably the best, too.

My senses came back as the rope swung me back and forth, above the river creeping between green gigantic mounds. Yes, I was still alive! And as I freed my arms from clutching the rope, I felt the gentle breeze on my face. I felt the rhythm of my heart. I felt the magic of nature. I felt free.

Other Attractions

For a lesser intense experience, Danao Adventure Park has a Suislide, a 300-meter Zipline offering a Superman’s view of the greenery. The park also has a cable car that will take you from one hill to the other and back.

Danao Adventure park Suislide Bohol bloggers collective

Danao Adventure Park’s newest attraction and Bohol’s first glass suspension, the Glass Cliff Walk is also a must-try.



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