Alexa: Eve of the Millennium

I love sketching women. It could be because of her intricate bits that when put together, create a different level of strength and beauty – strength powerful enough to move mountains and beauty sweet enough to hold them in one place. In her heart.

Here is a raw logo for my art works.

Meet Alexa

For my love of drawing, Alexa was born, a free-spirited adventurer in a neon yellow bikini who can’t get out of her room without her fuchsia hat she got from a thrift shop.  She’s a woman who resides between reality and imagination. She can become real, or she may remain an imagination, depending on what we believe in.

Bohol bloggers boholano artist Bohol bloggers collective

And this, a manipulated landscape photo.


She’s not lost. She just wanders. She wanders everywhere, even in your dreams or in your heart. She’s not in quest of life. She lives it. Follow her, adore her, envy her. It’s up to you. Because Alexa – The Eve of the Millennium could that woman that you want to be. She could be that woman within, waiting to be freed from all the care in the world. She could be you.


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