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Upside Down Drawing To Shut The Brain


My artist friend, Jen Molon, once told me that when drawing, I must beat my left brain. I must look at things with an artist’s eye. And I must draw what I see, not what I think. It sounds complicated but I just did that today by sketching this portrait upside down.

upside down drawing Paints and quills bohol bloggers collective

Upside down drawing shuts the thinker part of your brain. At first,  I was like, “wait, turn my left brain off? No way!” But later on, it made sense. Keeping your left brain functional while you’re at your Picasso mode defeats your artistic vision. Upside down drawing allows you to see just curves, shapes, lines, and their relativity, making the job easier. (It’s easier to draw lines, curves, and shapes than eyes, nose, and mouth, right?)

Upside down drawing also brings about a little surprise. Working with just your eyes and  hands doesn’t require as much effort as analyzing what you’re drawing. And when you turn your work up, voila!

I had a fun sketching today, probably because of that “what will it look like?” question I had which was quickly answered with a “we’ll see.” And while I was almost halfway done or so, I figured that turning off our brain and seeing things as they are without giving them any label at all make life simpler. And I have no idea why I thought of that when my left brain that analyzes was supposed to be turned off that time.

Now, it’s 4 AM. Can someone tell me how to turn my right brain off so I could get some sleep?




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