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Dagon Sa Hoyohoy: The Musical

The Mastermind Produced by Kasing Sining Teatro Bol-anon Ensemble in collaboration with the Provincial Government of Bohol, Congressman Rene Relampagos, and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, the  Dagon sa Hoyohoy premiere show held last September 28, 2016, was indeed a blast. Kasing Sining's Creative Director, Gardy Labad, the Staging Director Rodolfo Cuhit, the librettist Marianito… Continue reading Dagon Sa Hoyohoy: The Musical

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5 Reasons Why You Are Being Ghosted

He showered you with compliments that made you feel you're the most beautiful person on earth. He did every means just to be with you. He offered you the world. And then you fell into his trap, into his captive arms. You fell in love. And all of the sudden, he was gone. Sounds familiar?  How… Continue reading 5 Reasons Why You Are Being Ghosted

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8 Things I Love Being in Midlife Crisis

Okay, I'm not really sure if I'm in midlife crisis but the symptoms are all there. (And unless I would see a doctor, they would remain symptoms.) But whatever stage of life I'm experiencing right now, I'm embracing it. I'm savoring every moment of it and I'm loving it. This state of life has done… Continue reading 8 Things I Love Being in Midlife Crisis