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Review: Atmosphere Bar Club

It's summer in other parts of the world. That means friends from those places take their annual leaves for hometown visits. That also means it's time for reunions. High school friends who are already based in Norway and Qatar spend their summer breaks in Bohol. And of course, their vacation will never be complete without the… Continue reading Review: Atmosphere Bar Club

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What’s for dinner tonight?

      What's for dinner? A purr- ridge.   Warning: The following photoshoot features a stunt performed by a professional cat. Do not let your pet try this at home or anywhere. assures no cat was harmed during the photo shoot.  

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Paints and Quills Turns One

The past month was spectacular for Paints and Quills. And I can't just let this day pass by without thanking the people behind its success. To my friends whom I have tapped for photos, questions, words of encouragement and for a chit chat that was keeping me awake to complete a paragraph, to my brother who… Continue reading Paints and Quills Turns One