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  Contradicting ideas Shattered dreams Broken promises Speechless tongues Wounded hearts Closed doors Empty souls Blank expressions Longing Agony Frustrations Silence Breakdown Darkness. Realization. Renewal. And then, a breakthrough. Paints and Quills

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To The Left…To The Right

While following what seems to be right assures you a sense of belongingness, it still feels right to follow your heart. To The Left I was born left-handed but it didn't bother me at all.  Being one was an advantage for me.  In fact, I was always fascinated to reversely write paragraphs in cursive.   This… Continue reading To The Left…To The Right

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The Unforgotten

Annie Spratt In the stillness of the night, amid a place unknown where strangers dwell, I can feel your presence, imagine your smile, hear your silent cry.  Then I burst into tears.  For how can I not remember you when the memory of you is engraved in the core of my existence? Yes, I haven't… Continue reading The Unforgotten